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Innovation Transfer Grants

Funding Year Name Description Team Members
2019 Fall AgAi AgAi enables anyone in the field to collect information by using computer vision and a smartphone based camera.

Edward Silva (MBA/MS, GSB E-IPER) and Prof. Stefan Reichelstein (GSB)

2019 Fall Resonant Link Resonant Link builds the world's best wireless chargers, eliminating the most expensive component in conventional wireless chargers and improving efficiency.

Grayson Zulauf (PhD, EE) and Prof. Juan M. Rivas-Davila (EE)

2019 Fall Yocto An all-optical, label-free platform to detect contaminants in food, water, and soil.

Amr Saleh (Postdoc, MSE), Prof. Jen Dionne (MSE)

2019 Fall ElectroFlames ElectroFlames uses a plasma flame that operates only on electricity and atmospheric air to replace natural gas burners.

Ben Wang (PhD, ME) and Prof. Mark Cappelli (ME)

2019 Fall ReMatter Rematter is creating a digital network to connect waste producers, recyclers, and end-users, which will give facilities the ability to efficiently exchange materials and reduce the waste of valuable material feedstocks.

Wyatt Pontius (MS, MS&E), Thomas Colburn (BS, ChemE), Drake Hougo (BA, Social Sciences), Sean O’Bannon (MS, CS), PI: Prof. Matteo Cargnello, ChemE

2019 Spr PeroPure PeroPure has developed a portable, electrochemical hydrogen peroxide generating water purification device with the goal of deploying it in the developing world as a reliable and scalable solution for low-cost, clean energy water purification.

Zhihua Chen (PhD Chemistry), Shucheng Chen (PhD Chem E), Fan Yang (PhD AA, University of Illinois), Prof. Tom Jaramillo (Chem E, PI)

2019 Spr ReSource ReSource’s goal is to produce economically competitive commodity plastics using CO2 as the carbon source. The team has invented a chemical technology to produce FDCA from waste biomass and CO2 that enables drastic cost and GHG reduction.

Aanindeeta Banerjee (PhD, Post doc, Chemistry), Amy Frankhouser (PhD, Chemistry), Prof. Matthew Kanan (Chemistry, PI)

2019 Spr Suryodaya Suryodaya developed and are deploying a new high-performance and affordable solar drying system for chili farmers in India. Their goal is to pilot a drying-as-a-service busines

Michael Machala (PhD MSE, Post Doc ERE), Andrey Poletayev (PhD MSE), Frederick Tan (BS ME), Rushil Prakash (MBA GSB, MS E-IPER), Prof. Sally Benson (ERE)

2019 Spr LaderaTech LaderaTech's goal is to adapt, optimize and deploy biomimetic and environmentally-benign fire retardant mobilization agent(s), enabling preventative treatments on landscapes at high risk fire areas.

Anthony C. Yu (PhD MSE). Jesse Acosta, Prof. Eric Appel (MSE/PI)

2019 Spr Nitricity Nitricity is developing a device that produces carbon-free, low-cost ammonia using a novel metal-cycling process.

Joshua McEnaney (Post Doc, Chem E), Nico Pinkowski (PhD, ME), Brian Rohr (PhD Chem E), Prof. Thomas Jaramillo (Chem E/PI)

2019 Spr WindBorne WindBorne is developing balloons which fly 60 times longer than usual and fill gaps underserved by existing atmospheric data tech.

Paige Brown (BS MSE), Kai Marshland (MS MS&E) John Dean (MS EE), and Andrey Sushko, Prof. John Pauly (EE)

2019 Spr 12 Tides 12 Tides aim to develop high-value consumer product applications for seaweed that will help drive the industry forward.

Team: Pat Schnettler (MBA), Prof. Harikesh Nair (GSB)

2019 Spr Pulsar Pulsar is developing a fully-automated monitoring system for industrial production management.

Matias Castillo (MBA, MS EE), Juan Cristobal Ruiz-Tagle, Professor Hau Lee (GSB)

2019 Spr HighTide HighTide quantifies the financial and socioeconomic impacts of climate-driven natural disasters to generate actionable information on asset climate risk.

Arnav Mariwala, (BS Phys, MS GeoPhys) Ian Bick (MS CEE), and Adrian Santiago Tate (PhD GeoPhys), Professor Jenny Suckale (GeoPhys)

2019 Spr ReGen Partners ReGen proposes to collect seed from the remaining wild groves of the Moringa peregrina tree, start a domestication program in Baja, Mexico, and be the first to produce it at commercial scale in 1400 years.

Neal Spackman(MSx), Prof. Hau Lee (GSB)

2019 Spr Alto Power Company Alto Power Company will drive utility-scale clean energy development and electric vehicle adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

Nathan Ratledge (PhD, E-IPER), Fred Krynen (MS, MechE), Mauricio Gomez (MS, MechE), Prof. David Beach (MechE/PRL), Prof. Stefan Reichelstein (GSB (PI))

2018 Fall Frost.d The Frost.d unit provides ice sellers with a reliable, energy efficient way to store ice.

Maya Ambady (BA Hum Bio), Kaitlyn Olah, (BS Product Design, MS ME),    Quint Underwood (MS EE), Ganesh Ramakrishnan (MBA GSB), Prof. Jim Patell, GSB (PI)

2018 Fall Ohi Ohi is developing a distributed warehousing system, enabling storage of e-commerce goods significantly closer to consumers, improving both delivery and return times and markedly reducing the number of delivery miles driven.

Ben Jones (MBA), Prof. Seungjin Whang, GSB (PI)

2018 Fall SunAsAService SunAsAService's technology will enable drones to fly continuously, improving existing technology and enabling more ambitious applications such as an infrastructure-free wireless broadband internet.

Yonatan Weintraub (PhD BioPhys), Kent Lee (PhD BioPhys), Prof. Adam de la Zerda, Structural Biology (PI)


2018 Spr Banyan Banyan focuses on capacity optimization (minimizing empty miles for carriers) as a means of reducing environmental and infrastructure toll, lowering total transportation costs, and improving pay and quality of life for motor carriers.

Bishop Ravenel (MSx, GSB) and  Professor Saumitra Jha (GSB)

2018 Spr Mawa Modular Mawa Modular (from the Arabic word for shelter) provides a sustainable solution to address the shelter needs of displaced populations and refugees. The solar powered modules are designed to be safe, cost-effective, net-zero energy, and off-grid.

Bushra Bataineh (PhD, CEE), Ruth McGee, Leni Peterson (BS, ME), Prof. Raymond Levitt, CEE (PI), and Prof. Rishee Jain (PI)

2018 Spr Weave Grid Weave Grid brings together utility, automotive and driver data to remotely optimize and control electric vehicle charging, thus addressing grid integration challenges from EV adoption and enabling a faster transition to electric transportation.

Apoorv Bhargava (MS E-IPER; MBA, GSB), John Taggart (PhD, MS&E), Prof. James Sweeney (MS&E)

2018 Spr XFlow XFlow Energy is developing robust, inexpensive, and efficient vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) technologies focused on reducing the cost of wind energy generation.

Ian Brownstein (PhD, Stanford), Ben Strom (PhD, University of Washington), Prof. John Dabiri, CEE & ME (PI)

2018 Spr Aeromutable Aeromutable has designed an add-on active flow control device capable of reducing the power required to overcome aerodynamic drag in trucks by over 16%.

David Manosalvas-Kjono (PhD Aero & Astro), Prof. Juan J. Alonso (Aero & Astro) and Prof. Antony Jameson (Emeritus Aero & Astro)

2017 Fall Buzz Solutions Buzz Solutions automates the process of power line inspection using data collection from autonomous drones as well as fault detection using a software platform with predictive analytics.

Kaitlyn Albertoli (BS Intl Relations & Psych),  Vikhyat Chaudry (MS CEE), Dennis Chang (BS Eng, MS MS&E), Prof. Arun Majumdar, ME (PI)